When your ready to start your projects, you really don't want to invest the time needed to research all the needed products. Let us do it for you!!! We can find what you need and have it delivered to your door at a competitive price.

Whatever your building, CV Supply can source the materials you need at great prices to save you valuable time to help keep your projects on track.

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CV Supply has been in business since 2004 working to provide the best products. Our just in time services allow you to keep your projects moving without stacking and storing materials that can become lost or stolen. Our on-site delivery options can also save money and time in lost man hours and fuel running around town for materials.



Erosion control with our HDPE plastics is a sure way to help support great waste water management solutions. Visit http://www.grassypavers.com for more info !!

Equine & Canine products for stalls and kennel flooring. Check out http://www.equiterr.com for details on these great products !!

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We save you time and money.


We are a products sourcing company here to provide the parts you need to complete your project without having to waste your valuable time finding the most trivial part for your build. We bring the parts together to allow you to build at your own pace without having to by in bulk or buy all kits at once. Our kits can be purchased at the phase of your project they are needed.

 Material sourcing for all your Construction, Landscaping & Agribusiness needs.